Pure Life Surf School

Pure Life Surf Instructors

Our Surfing Instructors go through a comprehensive surfing instructor training program. No other Surf School in our area has such a program. Not only are our instructors some of the best athletes in our area, but they are also the best surfing instructors as well. Our instructors are also incredible athletes with years of experience. They have the knowledge to breakdown technical maneuvers that many surf instructors cannot or will never achieve. They demonstrate and teach students how to perform those maneuvers or apply specific strategy when surfing competitively.

Instructor Training

Phase 1

The first and most important phase of their training is being certified in CPR and learning valuable life saving skills. Our instructors are constantly training and conditioning themselves. They are dedicated watermen and women who love and take their jobs very seriously.

Phase 2

The second phase of their training they learn the fundamental break down for beginner surfers and have hands on experience through our training program. After hours of surf instructor training they are prepared to properly teach, coach and instruct people how to surf.

Phase 3

The third phase of their training is how to properly coach and mentor kids in our summer surf camp. Working with kids is a great gift that comes with great responsibility. Kids are sponges that soak everything in. All of our instructors are awesome role models and are great people. They are trained on a basis that emphasizes positive reinforcement and group collaboration. They challenge their kids to challenge themselves by having the time of their lives surfing.

Meet Our Founder

LJ Kuzmovich

LJ Kuzmovich

Surf Instructor & Founder, Pure Life Surf School

LJ grew up and lives in Daytona Beach, FL. He has been surfing and traveling the world for a majority of his life. He graduated the University of Central Florida majoring in Business Administration. LJ started Pure Life Surf School after being inspired by the “Pura Vida” positive and healthy lifestyle of Costa Rica. LJ wanted to combine “Pura Vida” which translates to Pure Life and the passion of teaching people how to surf to make Pure Life Surf school.